List Stuff Privacy Policy

Please also see the Terms and Conditions.

Your privacy is critical to List Stuff. We take every precaution in protecting your privacy and keeping your information safe.

  1. The information that List Stuff collects about you is used solely by List Stuff except for the provision of information to highly-trusted third-party cloud services that form part of the List Stuff infrastructure. For example, your email address may be passed to a highly-trusted third-party cloud email service provider in order to send you an email.
  2. List Stuff will send you email as part of the normal processes of the website. If we use mailing lists, we will remove any member from a list upon request.
  3. Once you message a lister, you will be stored in that lister's contact list. Listers can send bulk messages to their contact list. You can unsubscribe from a lister's messages at any time, at which point you will be removed from their contact list. If you message that lister again, you will again be added to their contact list. Likewise, listers can block users who repeatedly send them unwanted messages. By default, you will receive an email every time you get a message. You can turn this off in Email Options in My Stuff.
  4. Once you've registered and subscribed, you can create a listing. Published listings are public and can be accessed via the internet. In addition to the main content such as title, location, pricing, images, and description, listings will display information such as your username, average rating, and contact details, if applicable. If you cancel your subscription, we retain all information relevant to your subscription for three years after the date of cancellation.
  5. If you wish to access and correct any personal information, as is your right under the Privacy Act 1993, please do so in My Stuff.
  6. Your credit and debit card information is fully protected by our trusted third-party cloud service payment gateway partners, who employ full encryption and adhere to the PCI-DSS security standard. We also offer PayPal for further protection and convenience.
  7. To keep your data safe, List Stuff uses SSL for full encryption by default for all information sent over the network.
  8. List Stuff uses cookies. A cookie is just a textual name-value pair stored on your computer, and is by itself completely harmless. We use cookies to remember your search preferences. For example, when you search by location, List Stuff will remember that location and apply it to future searches until you change the location again. We also use cookies for authentication and authorisation. For example, this is how List Stuff "remembers" you once you've logged in, so you don't have to log in again every time you visit a new page.
  9. Many photos, especially JPEGs, contain EXIF data. List Stuff strips the EXIF data out of any photos uploaded to the website, so information like the device used to take the photo, the time it was taken, and where it was taken, is not stored.
  10. No information is rented or sold to third parties.
  11. We may release your information at the request of government entities for the purposes of legal compliance and law enforcement.
  12. If you wish to undertake legal proceedings against another member and require their contact details from List Stuff, you can contact us for a statutory declaration form which must be completed and submitted back to us before we release any information. Any information we do release may be used solely for making a claim.
  13. If you have any questions, please contact us.