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Addiction Food NZ Ltd.

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With a manufacturing plant along New Zealand’s Western Bay of Plenty, Addiction Pet Foods is now the biggest and most technologically-advanced dry pet food plant in New Zealand, producing highly sought-after ultra-premium pet food in the market today. We carry award-winning pet food brands like Addiction, Awesome Pawsome, and Wishbone. We now operate globally in close to 15 countries, including the USA, Australia, China, Japan, Singapore, and New Zealand. By "going to the ends of the earth for pets", we have achieved exceptional growth and have amassed a passionate following of pet owners around the world. In the same way, we aim to go further for your career by providing exciting opportunities for growth and development both in New Zealand and internationally. Why work with us Addiction Pet Foods is a place to grow and spread your wings. The work environment is highly dynamic, keeping pace with the ever-changing demands of the pet food industry. High Growth. Because the industry is so vibrant and fast-paced, you will be exposed to many opportunities to prove your mettle. Resiliency and flexibility are encouraged as you work your way through these challenges. This prepares you to stretch and grow and explore various career paths within the company. Multi-cultural. You get the opportunity to work in different countries, with different people [link removed] and different cultures, giving you a truly global experience and exposure. You will be given global tasks that you can proudly say are global in nature as you have interacted with different teams from our global network of offices. Training and Development. Individual coaching sessions, trainings, and learning summits are in place so you learn and grow at the same time. Learning programs are arranged by our Team Learning and Development as you grow in your role, equipping you with the knowledge to further your career in the company.

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Bay of Plenty - Te Puke

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November 2021

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