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Albany, North Shore City, Auckland

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You will notice that the results on Google’s search engine are shown either organically or as ads. By appearing in the top results organically, it means that your website is trusted, relevant and has products and services matching the keywords searched. Here at waze we are committed to getting your website to the top of the organic search results and making sure it stays there. Affordable SEO Services Auckland NZ- Our team of specialists pride themselves on staying up to date on all the latest developments and trends in Search Engine Optimisation. We use the most effective methods to optimise your website so that it is the first thing people see when they search for keywords relevant to your business. Technical Search Engine Optimization made up of over 200 individual metrics that search engines use to decide which results to view for a given keyword search and the order in which to display them. You might have put a lot of effort and money into an attractive website with lots of great content. But if there are technical issues preventing search engines from indexing your website or sending the wrong signals – you are potentially missing out on significant visitor traffic and sales. Because of this, we always start with a Technical SEO Audit to identify the issues that should be addressed immediately and can often bring the greatest results. Technical SEO is a key component of our SEO approach, which includes on-page optimization and off-page optimization. Our comprehensive SEO Audits dive deeply into the inner workings of your website’s search engine strength, uncovering the entire host of potential negative and positive factors for your own web properties versus your most powerful competitors. These are 50+ page reports with extensive charts and detail looking at: -Benchmarks -Competitor Analyses -Content & Keyword Strategy -On-Page Optimization -Off-Page Optimization -Technical Audit Findings -Site Architecture In addition to these core findings, we also supply extensive appendices and worksheets to increase your effectiveness in fixing known issues while developing more powerful metadata and keyword strategy using our recommendations. We also include a customized worksheet for citation logs that will increase local SEO strength as well. With our SEO Audit, you will have every method of information you need to dominate SEO in your vertical. Many of our clients see immediate pops in their ranking terms within a short time of implementing our suggested technical fixes. However, beyond this initial burst, we arm you with the perspective and strategy for long-term on-page and off-page optimization to drive continued improvements for years to come. For More Info:

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