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Rubber Suction Plates Gaskets Pads for CNC pods

Biesse SCM Homag rubber gaskets suction pads

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Suction plates rubber pads are the main parts of the CNC vacuum cups, it used for sealing and get a vacuum area for holding workpiece. But some time because of programming errors or operation problems, it is easy to cut the rubber gaskets. Don’t throw away your old CNC vacuum pods! Just replace the new rubber suction plates, some time the old CNC vacuum cups become NEW. As there are 3 common use vacuum suction cups for CNC centers, so accordingly there are 3 kinds cnc rubber covers for replacement. 1. Rubber gasket seal rings for Biesse vacuum pods This gasket ring is fixed around the pods and used for sealing. It is made of rubber and applied with today’s Biesse CNC machining center. There are 3 kinds of different size Biesse vacuum seal are available in 3 different: Biesse vacuum pods seals.jpg a. full size: 132x146mm (Biesse part no: FNAW550129), b. half size: 132x74mm (Biesse part no: FNAW550128) c. 1/3 Size: 132x54mm (Biesse part no: FNAW550127) For the old Biesse machines, it uses sealing strips to seal. The material of the gasket seal is sponge. If it is damaged, you can buy a long one and cut as you like. 2. Replacement rubber suction pad / pod cover for Homag Weeke CNC vacuum pods This rubber pad is used for the suction pods manufactured by Schmalz. Vacuum clamping systems from Schmalz are used on CNC processing centers made by many different manufacturers, such as HOMAG, Weeke, IMA, Felder, Holz-Her, Busselato, Reichenbacher, Masterwood, etc. For this kind of CNC vacuum modules, we usually just need to replace the upper or bottom rubber suction pads if the pods are damaged. The top and bottom suction plates can be easily and quickly installed without tools. There are many different sizes for the replacement suction plates of vacuum blocks. 3. Soft rubber gaskets for SCM vacuum pods The top gasket is used on SCM Morbidelli and Greda Sirio suction cups in the woodworking machining center. There are 3 different upper sealing rubber sizes: a. 144x144mm (0391320413C) suitable for 145 x 145mm SCM suction pods use. b. 143x52mm (0390320645C), suitable for 145 x 45mm SCM vacuum cup use. c. 176x61mm, suitable for 180 x 65mm SCM suction block use. These replaceable parts are cheap. We recommend that you keep some parts in your stock. Do not shut down production and wait for spare parts to arrive. If you are looking for vacuum clamping accessories for your CNC, welcome contact RicoCNC. RicoCNC supplies vacuum cups and replacements for all major types of CNC router center machines. Such as Anderson, Biesse, Busellato, Bulleri, CMS, CR Onsrud, Komo Machinery, IMA, Intermac, Laguna Tools, Morbidelli, Northwood, Weeke, SCM, HolzHer, Flexicam, Multicam, Masterwood, Homag, KDT, Nanxing, Excitech, etc. Here you can find all spare parts for your used or damaged vacuum pods. official website:

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