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CNC Vacuum Suction Cup Block Pod for CNC center

Biesse Homag Weeke suction pods and gaskets

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This CNC vacuum system is vacuum suction cups for wood working CNC router machines. The vacuum block pads is very suited for handling of workpieces in wood processing, such as furniture parts, floor boards, MDF, and particle board etc. CNC vacuum suction pods are widely used in the wood industry for vacuum suction clamp during machining, sanding etc with P.T.P. cnc machining center with vacuum pods bars. You are easily to find them on German and Italian woodworking machinery like Biesse, Homag/Weeke, SCM/Morbidelli, Felder, Format 4, MasterCAM, IMA, HOLZ HER, Masterwood and Greda Sirio etc. The vacuum cups pods are pre-fixed onto the bars supports by vacuum in order to prevent them from moving during handling of the work-piece. It is mounted on the console to clamp the workpiece by vacuum and be moved to adjust their positions depending on the workpiece. The suction pods are suitable for processing small and high precision parts and can be machined on the side. They are widely used for solid wood processing. RicoCNC supplies vacuum suction cups for all major types of CNC Router machining centers. There are 3 common CNC vacuum pods for CNC router center in the woodworking machinery market. 1, Biesse ATS CNC Vacuum Pods ATS is abbreviation for 'Advanced Table Setting'. These CNC pods are manually positioned. There is a white nylon support locating ring on the bottom of this kind of pod. The base bodies of the vacuum cups are inserted into a holding fixture on a pod and rail table. The base body and holding fixture have a grating that is divided into 15° steps. Thus, it is possible to position the vacuum cup in different angles on the pod and rail table. These CNC vacuum pods are easy to find in Biesse rover series CNC machine. There are three different heights: 29mm, 48mm and 74mm vacuum pods for Biesse. Here are the sizes for Biesse pods: 29mm height CNC vacuum pods: Full-size pod: 132*146*29mm Half-size pod (1/2 Size): 132*75*29mm 1/3 Size pod: 132*54*29mm 48mm height vacuum cups: Full pod: 132*146*48mm Half pod (1/2 Size): 132*75*48mm 1/3 Size pod: 132*54*48mm 74mm Biesse CNC vacuum pods: Full pod: 132*146*74mm Half pod (1/2 Size): 132*75*74mm 1/3 Size pod: 132*54*74mm These CNC suction pods include black suction valves, locating rings and gaskets. 2, Homag and Weeke CNC Suction Blocks These suction blocks are manufactured by Schmalz. Schmalz is one of the world's leading suppliers in vacuum technology. It can provide a wide of product range includes a variety of suction cups with various shapes, sizes and materials. The suction cups for Homag and Weeke adopt a dual circuit system and the installation height is 100mm. They can be used on the normal K-table as well as on the AP-table (automatic positioning of the suction blocks). 3, SCM CNC Vacuum Pods These vacuum pods are easily found in SCM/Morbidelli and Greda Sirio CNC woodworking centers. SCM vacuum pods are available in two different sizes: SCM Morbidelli CNC suction pods: 50mm height 145 x 145mm SCM Morbidelli CNC suction cups (rotatable): 50mm height 145 x 55mm The rubber seal gaskets and bottom base gasket of these suction blocks are replacement parts. RicoCNC is dedicated to providing high quality and factory direct CNC vacuum pods and rubber plate pads, also can supply a comprehensive range of CNC & woodworking machine parts. If any needs, welcome to contact us. for more details,please visit

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