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Heavylift Company


Belfast, Christchurch City, Canterbury

259 Coutts Island Road, Belfast, Unit/flat: 2


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Heavylift, a family-owned business created in 2007, is one of the leading suppliers of truck lifts and workshop equipment in New Zealand. Our commitment to supply only the safest and most efficient workshop equipment has helped us reach an unmatched status in this field and to win credibility as a best-quality vehicle lifts and workshop equipment supplier. Our expertise, knowledge of, and experience with workshop equipment are the foundation on which we have built this highly successful business. We understand that having the right workshop equipment can make all the difference to getting the job done and therefore, we provide the best-quality workshop equipment and vehicle lifts available. We rely on a well-established network of international suppliers to provide the safest and most reliable workshop equipment. We have partnered with leading manufacturers of workshop equipment from all over the globe, including Germany, Italy, UK, USA, Denmark and Australia. Our mission is to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations by providing them with high-quality workshop equipment and excellent support services to help them meet their safety and efficiency benchmarks. The nitrile gloves are made out of synthetic latex. They offer high level of solvent resistance. You can also find powder free gloves. They are highly flexible and soft. You will feel comfortable wearing them. They are used for gardening purpose, in automotive industry, medical industry, where chemical cleaners and pesticides are used and more. But when you compare the benefits of using them to other, this price difference is negligible. It is an online site where you can order for your nitrile gloves. They are powder free. These are sterile gloves which are available in counts. You can simply choose the size you want and can place the order. The nitrile gloves are getting popular. Gloves are used for many different reasons. These gloves provide far superior level of protection from punctures as well as protection from chemicals. All are categorized so that you can easily find the one you like. They are ideal for individuals allergic to latex. They Delivers excellent protection against blood borne pathogens. The utilization of protective gloves is really typical. It's the element of many jobs that the hands be secured by hand protection. A lot of residential jobs also need the utilization of protective gloves. Some time ago latex gloves was previously the most used type of protective hand wear. But since makers persist in presenting new and much better products to offer more safety and comfort to the customers, nitrile are classified as the new and much better thing. Nitrile gloves are very powerful and extremely resistant. You'll find very rare opportunity the gloves are going to be pierced. They are more protected from toxins as well which makes them a really good selection for those who have to address substances on daily basis. Manufacturing staff as an illustration who are coping with the manufacturing of substances or a workshop where handling chemical substances is a part of the job description, nitrile gloves are the best option. Even in household chores, the usage of substances is necessary occasionally. For instance, toilet cleaners or drain openers have powerful substances that are threatening if they are exposed to the skin. Pesticides of all kinds have toxic toxins. Farming requires the utilization of particular chemicals too. Nitrile gloves can be found in very useful for all types of these jobs as well. You may also utilize these gloves to cover the hands while carrying out dishes or laundry. There's a wide usage of nitrile gloves in the profession of medicine. This is the field in which a little miscalculation on any ones part could have critical and life-threatening consequences. The reliability of nitrile gloves make them great for usage in clinics. Apart from being very tough, the gloves are likewise extremely versatile and smooth. They can fit properly and never impact the dexterity. So that all the duties which need accuracy of finger and hand movements will be accomplished completely using nitrile gloves. The nitrile gloves are available in different thicknesses. Therefore, the gloves might be selected as per needs. For more info:

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Heavylift Company


Heavylift Company

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