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spa magic x 2

spa magic x 2

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Spa Magic - Chlorine Free Spa treatment Eco friendly 90 day water care formula for hot tubs and spa pools 100% bio-based- completely bio-degradeable FREE from chlorine or bromine toxicity FREE from itching, rashes or burning eyes FREE from daily maintenance and testing A single bottle of Spa Magic is suitable for spas up to 1000 litres and lasts up to 2-3 months. How does it work? Spa Magic uses 14 natural seaweed enzymes to treat your spa water. Enzymes are used by cutting edge biochemists in the war against disease because they are so specific in what they attack. An enzyme can be absolutely deadly to some life forms and be completely safe, even beneficial, to others. The seaweed enzyme formula in Spa Magic breaks down bacteria and viruses, dissolving them away, keeping your spa clean and clear for up to 90 days. Spa Magic is non-toxic, easy to use, and economical. Spa Magic won’t cause the rashes, itching, burning red eyes, and dry skin your skin will be soft and silky smooth after each use. Spa Magic contains lanolin No more dangerous chemicals The elevated temperatures of your spa cause chemicals to be more active and an even greater threat to you. Lab Studies Many independent laboratories have tested the properties of Spa Magic’s enzyme. In all cases, bacteria and viruses were eliminated in just 30 seconds. E.coli Trichophyton mentagrophytes Legionella pneumophila Parvo Salmonella choleraesuis E.faecium Biological oxygen demand This means the chlorine used to disinfect our drinking water is 316 times more toxic that Spa Magic’s enzymes. Bio-based 100% bio-based

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