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An Introduction to Scientology DVD

An Introduction to Scientology DVD

Location:Grafton, Auckland City, Auckland
Address:136 Grafton Road
Company:Church of Scientology New Zealand
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AN INTRODUCTION TO SCIENTOLOGY DVD What is Scientology? What is the practical application of Scientology for the average man in the street? How can Scientology help people overcome their problems? Why is Man on this planet and what is his purpose here? Such are the questions posed by millions and, in this rare filmed interview, L. Ron Hubbard provided the answers: what drove his quest to help Mankind, his hard-won discoveries providing the long-sought answers to the riddles of the mind and life, and how he forged a route to accomplish new states of beingness and happiness—here it is as Mr. Hubbard himself explained it to the world. Meet the man who founded a new religion in the atomic age, a religion that now spans the globe, a religion changing the face of Earth, a religion where science and religion finally meet and so…a religion that could only have been called Scientology. To purchase your copy of An Introduction To Scientology online follow this link:

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