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Successfully Raising Children Course

Successfully Raising Children Course


Grafton, Auckland City, Auckland

136 Grafton Road


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SUCCESSFULLY RAISING CHILDREN Here are Scientology principles with which you can help your child build a stable, productive life. Parents do the best they can raising their children, but most find it a trial-and-error proposition. How should parents raise children so they develop self-determinism and initiative and make constructive decisions? There are a million opinions of how to do it, but are there any sound principles one can trust? The materials of this course contain the answers to those questions. On this course you will learn: - What children most need from their parents. - How you can help solve a child’s problems. - Why children get angry and how to swiftly heal the upsets. - How to live with children and help them grow into fine, successful human beings. - A simple, powerful action that assists children to recover from physical injuries. When you understand and use the knowledge and tools contained on this course, you can help your child become a self-determined, happy and contributing member of the family—and an asset to society. “A child is not a special species of animal distinct from Man. A child is a man or a woman who has not attained full growth.” —L. Ron Hubbard “I feel so much better about my relationship with my son. Magically, since I started this course, he has been a lot more mellow and willing. Thank you for making motherhood a dream come true and not a nightmare! How does a parent go through life without this data?”—M.P. “My responsibility, understanding and affinity for children went through the roof. I can see how good control can solve lots of problems and how to take care of angry children and how to help a child think about things he doesn’t know how to do himself. Now I know how to live happily with children.”—L.Y. “There is an incredible amount of information here that could help so many parents right now. Great course! There were things I read that were brand-new to me that I’ve never read anywhere else! Gave me much more knowledge and understanding for being a parent.”—M.N. Life Improvement Courses are studied using a Scientology development called a “checksheet.” Every step of the course is listed in sequence and one checks them off as they are completed. This allows each student to study at their own optimum speed. Enroll today. Monday - Friday 9:30am - 10pm Saturday - Sunday 9:30am - 6pm

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