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Forbidden Beauty

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Timaru, Timaru, Canterbury

80 Grey Road, Timaru, 7910



Several years ago we got very excited at witnessing, first hand, the development of the hemp products industry in USA. Quality cosmetic products were being developed and eagerly purchased by beauty-savvy American consumers. Various articles can be found attesting to the amazing properties this incredible plant possesses. So amazing that it is now permanently transforming the cosmetics marketplace. New Zealand, with such quality conditions for growing superior hemp oils, should be a main global player for luxury beauty products …. and finally we are. All our products contain NZ-grown hemp oil, and various other enriching ingredients, that have been carefully selected and professionally formulated. We are excited about what we have finally produced and would love you to try for yourself. Our ʻForbidden Beautyʼ brand name comes from the controversial history of hemp as ʻThe Forbidden Cropʼ implemented with the passing of the USAʼs ʻMarijuana Tax Actʼ of 1937. Knowing what is in your skincare products is crucial for recognising which ingredients are effective and safe for your skin type, and which to avoid. Beautiful packaging and promising descriptions are eye-catching but the real truth lies in the ingredient list. Reading labels can be a complicated and confusing matter but skipping it altogether may lead to allergies, sensitivities, irritation and other skin and health concerns. That’s why it’s vital to distinguish and avoid the BAD (Bad, Ambiguous and Debatable) ingredients, such as synthetic dyes, phthalates, phenoxyethanol etc. Here’s how to decipher them. Unless required by your workplace, there is no need to wear surgical or medical masks as opposed to a good cloth mask. Thus N95/FFP-2, and other surgical masks can be reserved for those healthcare workers that do really need them. For personal use a tightly-woven cotton mask will be more breathable and softer on the skin than synthetic mask varieties. You also have the option of making your own cloth mask, however these should be washed regularly as it will absorb some of your skins natural oils, which if allowed to linger, can cause skin breakouts. For More Info:

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